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by David Fontana

ISBN 978-1-907486-83-8

RRP: £10.99

published by Watkins


Much acclaimed teacher of Tarot, David Fontana, shows how Tarot symbolism can be used to hone your intuition and unlock knowledge from beyond your conscious mind.

He describes the history and symbolism of the Tarot, and clarifies in detail the meanings of the individual cards of the Major and Minor Arcana and the special characteristics of the four suits (Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles).

An original and very helpful section explains how to deal and read the cards in layouts such as the Horseshoe and the Celtic Cross. To illustrate, the author chose The Truth Seeker’s Tarot, which uses traditional symbolism rooted in medieval and Renaissance practice. Moreover, the text applies equally well to other popular decks, such as The Original Rider-Waite deck, as Fontana provides excellent comparative notes.

An invaluable feature of the book is the selection of special workshops, sample readings and interpretations.

288pp, 130mm x 164mm, illustrated in colour, paperback, 2011

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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Watkins Publishing

Author or illustrator

David Fontana

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