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by Sally Morningstar

ISBN 978 1 85906 466 5

RRP: £14.99

published by Welbeck Publishing



Embark on this enchanted journey to one of the oldest spiritual traditions known to humankind, providing an accessible introduction and how-to-guide to all aspects of the Craft.  Discover the roots of witchcraft and the meaning of what it is to be a witch, as well as the seasonal cycles, rituals, spells and practical magic.  Newfound witches will learn how to tap into magic, re-empower themselves, connect with the natural world and realise their dreams through ancient knowledge.

The author of over 30 books on magic, astrology, Wicca, divination and spirituality, Sally Morningstar is today a hedgewitch who runs an international course in natural magic and self-development, and who consults privately.  Her love of the natural world has been lifelong, involving conservation, sustainability and natural living, in order to tread as gently as she can upon the Earth.

Lisa O’Malley has been painting professionally for over 25 years.  Her work has been commissioned internationally.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.



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March 2021

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Sally Morningstar


Welbeck Publishing

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