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by Suzy Reading

ISBN 978-1-912023-20-2

RRP: £12.99

published by Octopus Books


I love this book!” – Mandy Lehto, Psychologies Magazine

“With intimate knowledge of the ways in which we might be struggling, Suzy guides you to a place of innate self-care and kindness without ever overwhelming or over-promising. Inspired.” – Eminé Rushton, Psychologies Magazine

What if it were possible to help ourselves thrive, rather than simply survive?

The Self-Care Revolution is designed to help and restore your day-to-day energy reserves so that, rather than running on empty, you will have the strength and spirit to excel with whatever life brings.

Discover the Vitality Wheel – a complete body and mind Self-Care Toolkit that will boost your health, happiness and resourcefulness.

Topics include:

– Sleep, rest, relaxation & breathing

– Movement & nutrition

– Coping skills

– Physical environment

– Social connection

– Mood boosters

– Goal-setting & accomplishment

– Values & purpose

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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