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by Geoffrey Jowett

ISBN 978-1611250275

RRP: £10.99

published by Divine Arts


published by Divine Arts

Aligning the Chakras of Consciousness

Experience harmonious flows of energy

The intention of The Power of I Am by Geoffrey Jowett is to help you appreciate the magnificence of your energy body, and familiarise you with ways to balance and align your energy systems. The book was deliberately written in the first person, to encourage you to read and energetically declare these words out loud as affirmations. The intention of stating ‘I AM’ is faithfully affirming that you are one with the Source of Universal Consciousness, the Supreme Being. The precise text is presented succinctly for ease of use and convenience.
The Power of I Am: Aligning the Chakras of Consciousness aims to help you maintain a steady and balanced level of energy vibrations through each of your seven chakras so that you may be in harmony with love, peace, and joy. By providing you with the knowledge that the essence of your being is a fully integrated energy system of consciousness, this book can help you to achieve your greatest potential. Each vibrating energy level contributes to your divine existence and perfect resonance of light. To harmonically align each energy layer collectively, as a whole, is to bring balance, peace, and joy to your awareness so that you may know Heaven.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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