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by Cerridwen Greenleaf

ISBN 978-1-78249-883-4

RRP: £12.99

published by Cico Books


The Modern Wiccan’s Guide to Living is your go-to guide for all things Wiccan.  Whether you are trying to lead a healthier life or are looking to ignite some romantic sparks, this compendium will provide you with the tools you need to help you on your journey.

You will discover:

The best herbs, crystals, and colours to use in your spell work anywhere in your home where you need a touch of magic.

How to create a personal altar, a pagan power centre where you can craft enchantment every day.

Spells that create the potential for love, strengthen the union between couples, and fill your own heart with love and compassion.

Magical self-care, from stress reduction to energy management.

The tools of magic that will turn your luck round and lead to greater prosperity.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd.

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Cico Books

Author or illustrator

Cerridwen Greenleaf

Date added to website

July 2020

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