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by Cheralyn Darcey

ISBN 978 192542 9978

RRP: £9.99

published by Rockpool


The Gift of Flowers is a beautiful guide to the many ways to use flowers as unique and special gifts.

With brief descriptions of their natural healing qualities, discover the secret language of flowers and learn the symbols and intuitive messages behind each one, such as tulips for love and bluebells for constancy. There are lists of matching flowers for birthdays, zodiac signs, days of the week and anniversaries to make the most of your daily plant life.

Discover how to communicate through the language of plants and their flowers to stimulate your own healing, creative expression and passion for life.

Over 50 creative inspirations including:

  • floral infusions of vinegars, teas, liqueurs and cordials
  • botanical skin care and special fragrances
  • bouquets and dried flower arrangements
  • pot pourri and pressed flower art

The Gift of Flowers is a magic garden of wisdom and change sure to inspire gardeners, cooks and flower lovers everywhere.

* A best-selling, award-winning and experienced author who is a popular presenter and has a high media profile.
* This mini book is not only an appealing gift for a loved one with an oh-my-gosh thank-you guarantee – it is also a ‘Me, please! treat for yourself.
* Features never-before-used techniques for plant healing and insights into the symbolism of flowers through the expression of nature’.


Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.



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February 2020

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Cheralyn Darcey



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