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ISBN 978-1-6118-0548-2

published by Roost Books


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One of our most incredible designs, featuring holographic wording on the box, beautiful silver gilt edge on the cards, pastel geometric design on the backs and stunning illustrations. This is a lavishly illustrated, freshly conceived deck and guidebook that focuses on creative inspiration, daily reflection, and revealing new possibilities. Move your creativity and life forward with this gorgeously designed deck.

The Fountain Tarot draws on tradition, but provides a modern voice and distinct approach that highlights our everyday lives as a source of insight, wisdom and growth. Whether you’re selecting a card to set the tone for the day, invigorate your creative energy, or inspire you before your meditation or yoga practice, The Fountain Tarot helps open closed doors and reveal new paths.

Created by Jonathan Saiz, written by Jason Gruhl, designed by Andi Todaro. They spent a year researching the history of Tarot, then wrote a comprehensive instructional guidebook, oil painted 79 silver-gilded cards, added The Fountain card to the major arcana, and then wrapped it all together in a stunning holographic package. The resulting deck and guidebook builds on the rich legacy of Tarot, also re-envisions it for our contemporary lives. We are all connected, and want to add something beautiful to the world; when people are practicing the art of knowing themselves, such is being creative and human. 79 silver-gilded cards with images of original Jonathan Saiz oil paintings – fresh and intuitive interpretations of the classic Rider-Waite Tarot​.

An in-depth, thoughtful booklet, written by Jason Gruhl (2014), containing 112 pages of meanings and reversals, history, and a guide to reading Tarot Original card-back design, modern card-front formats, and luxurious and durable packaging with a magnetic closure, designed by Andi Todaro.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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