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by Curtis Rivers

ISBN 9-781-8440-9732-6

RRP: £9.99

published by Findhorn Press


Have you somehow lost direction and drifted off-course? Are you finding that despite your best efforts, personal success and career fulfillment elude you? Follow the author on an amazing trek in mysterious eastern mountains and unlock the amazing secrets that will take you from an existence of lack and limitation, to the life of freedom you were born to live. Curtis Rivers is a ‘Law of Attraction’ expert who has harnessed fear. Eliminating the fear that holds most people back, he clears the path to unlimited success. This expertise evolved from his days as a top Hollywood Movie Stuntman. Using the methods openly shared in this book, Curtis has bypassed fear to win a Screen Actors Guild award, gain prestigious inclusion into the Hollywood Stuntmens Hall of Fame, and break two Guinness World Records. Curtis now delivers powerful presentations that change the way people think, helping them to smash through fear and transform their lives.

Curtis Rivers is an expert in goal achievement and dealing with the fears that hold people back. During his 20 years as a top Hollywood Movie Stuntman, he smashed Guinness World Records, received a Screen Actors Guild award, and gained prestigious inclusion into The Hollywood Stuntmen’s Hall of Fame. Curtis lives in Manchester, UK.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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