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by Georgia Coleridge

ISBN 978-1-912023-23-3

RRP: £16.99

published by Octopus Books

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How the healing power of energy can transform your life

Packed with stunning, full-colour photographs, The Chakra Project is a brilliant introduction to the power of chakras.

The chakra system is an energy map, connecting your body and soul. Fine-tuning your chakras can help to strengthen your physical body, nourish creativity, fire-up motivation, nurture your heart, inspire self-expression, clarify your intuition and help you to shine. When our energy is flowing, we feel rooted, connected and joyful.

Each chapter of this book is beautifully designed, with inspiring photographs to illustrate the colours, elements and practices associated with the seven chakras. Chapters include:

– An introduction to each chakra and what it represents

– The symbols, colours, elements, crystals, essential oils and emotional states associated with each one

– Signs of when a chakra is healthy, and signs that you might have old or blocked energy that needs to be cleared

– Simple, accessible ways to cleanse, heal and nourish each chakra

Georgia Coleridge is an experienced healer. Her fresh, inspiring approach can help you experience the power of chakras, create positive energy and transform your life.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.


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