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by Etan Ilfeld

ISBN 978 1 786785930

published by Watkins Publishing

SRP: £18.99


by Etan Ilfeld

ISBN 978 1 786785930

published by Watkins Publishing


The Synchronicity Oracle will enrich your life with meaning, wisdom and awareness.  Inspired by Carl Jung’s concept of synchronicity, this ground-breaking tool for self-discovery is based around 57 deeply resonant visual symbols, from the Yin Yang and Kabbalah Tree of Life to the Mirror, the Hourglass and the Dreamcatcher.  Find the matching symbols and let synchronicity bring unconscious insights and wisdom to the surface.

As you search for the unique synchronicity between any two cards, and enjoy the magic of finding it through this deck, you will find that synchronicity comes up more and more in everyday life.  Stimulate direct dialogue with your unconscious mind, and help unleash your creative potential.

Etan Ilfeld is fascinated by the power of imagery and symbolism to enhance our understanding of the world around us.  The owner of the world-famous Watkins bookshop and publishing company of the same name, he is a US Chess Master and the author of “Beyond Contemporary Art” and “Duchamp Versus Einstein”.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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Watkins Publishing

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May 2022

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Etan Ilfeld

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