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by Janet and Stewart Farrar

ISBN 978-0-7090-9216-2

RRP: £7.99

published by Robert Hale


In this practical and authoritative handbook, Wicca’s leading authors Janet and Stewart Farrar, define the principles underlying all spells and explain why a successful spell is composed of three elements: intent, visualisation, and willpower.

Careful at all times to observe basic rules of responsibility – that a spell should never intend anyone harm or manipulate anyone against their will – this is a comprehensive guide to ways of effective spell-casting. This book covers all aspects of spell making – including psychic self-defence, sex magic, cabalistic magic and talismans.

There is a generous collection of actual spells, past and present, drawn from history, literature, folklore, old grimoires, and the years of experience of the authors. Spells of love, healing, problem solving, weather and binding combine in this unique addition to the literature on magical working.

Janet and Stewart Farrar, authors of many books on witchcraft, were well-known witches who appeared frequently in the media. Stewart Farrar died in 2000.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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Robert Hale

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Janet Farrar, Stewart Farrar

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