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by Karen Cater

ISBN 978-0-9556475-0-5

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published by Wooden Books/Headingham Fair/Lost Library

The Ogham Tree Alphabet is the only native British writing system, devised over 2,000 years ago by Celtic Druids, and carved using simple notches onto wood or stone. Not only is is an alphabet, but also a calendar/zodiac, with each tree or shrub representing a lunar month, a solstice or equinox. Around these has grown up an extensive mythology of historical and religious stories, of the uses of each tree for craftwork and medicine, and a divinatory system similar to the Tarot.

Working for many years as an artist, Karen Cater has revealed seraching insights into Britain’s culture: its customs, folklore, mythology, mysticism and traditions. Illustrated in colour throughout, this is a beautiful book.

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Karen Cater