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Barcode 761 2577 001200

by Bruno Cathala & Ludoovic Maublance

SKU: BG122


EAN 761 2577 001200

by Bruno Cathala & Ludovic Maublanc

Artist Piero

Weight 400grams

Size Height 273 x Width 125 x Depth 40mm

Carton Size Height 310 x Width 260 x Depth 280mm

Carton Quantity 14

Age Range 9+

Length of Play 30 Minutes

2 Player Game

Components include 6 Character tokens, 6 Character cards, 6 Alibi cards, 1 Barricade token

An extension for the ‘Mr Jack’ base LONDON game.

October, 1888- London: The hunt for Jack continues, aided by six new detectives, including the sly professor Moriarty, who is muddying waters by impersonating suspects….

Meet the sultry Madame, fleeing the terrifying Pizer, avoid the revolutionary Joseph Lane’s barricade, dodge Inspector Abberline bound through London with the Spring-Heeled Man and watch out for Moriarty.

Choose which of the 8 characters to play and where they start the game. These new possibilities add fun and strategic depth. Master them all and win!


Additional information

Date added to website

March 2019

Author or illustrator

Bruno Cathala, Ludovic Maublanc


Hurrican Edition

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