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by Rose Inserra; illustrated by Nadia Turner

ISBN: 978 1 92568 2052

RRP £16.99

Published by Rockpool



Within the Mists of Avalon Oracle uncover the myth of King Arthur and the Camelot story as you connect to Druidic lore and the magic of Morgan le Fay. Be empowered by the Avalon priestesses as they speak the language of trees in the sacred groves. Feel the spiritual power of the mystic landscape of Glastonbury, revered since ancient times as a gateway to the Otherworld. Become part of the magic and myth of Avalon!

Includes 36 cards and a guidebook. 

Rose Inserra is an international author and teacher of mysticism who delves into a range of esoteric topics to reclaim forgotten mysteries and traditions.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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Author or illustrator

Rose Inserra, Nadia Turner



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December 2019

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