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by Noa Belling

ISBN 978 192568 2182

RRP: £16.99

Published by Rockpool


How does your mind live in your body? How can body awareness change your life experience?
Successful author and practising psychotherapist Noa Belling offers a practical, personal way to use your body as a direct path to mindfulness and mindful living. By waking up to how we hold life experiences in our bodies, we have the power and choice to improve physical, mental and emotional health, promote vitality, build emotional resilience and generally improve quality of life.

The practises of this book go beyond traditional mindfulness to target specific challenges such as stress, anxiety, depression, confidence, zest for life, decision-making and more. Supported with psychological and neuroscientific studies, this book provides you with many opportunities to practice body mindfulness to experience your physical being as an empowering and intelligent resource.

ISBN 978 192568 2182

RRP: £15.99

Published by Rockpool

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Noa Belling

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July 2019