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by Yogi Brahmasamhara;  foreword by Dr Margaret Gottlieb

ISBN 978 1 92501 7168

RRP: £15.99

Published by Rockpool



Inspiring practices of Zen meditation for mothers and mothers-to-be.

In Meditation for Motherhood, Yogi Brahmasamhara presents step-by-step guidance on authentic Zen meditation, the most powerful, natural and deeply beneficial practice available to a woman during the phases of creating and nurturing her baby.

With over 40 gentle and tailored exercises you will practice the ancient arts of:

  • developing the patience to listen to yourself and your baby
  • letting go tension, worry, and apprehension
  • damping down the mind babble
  • mindfulness, by deeply focusing on ‘just this’
  • embracing your inner wisdom when confronted by difficulties

Above all, you will acquire the ability to take these skills with you wherever you go.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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Yogi Brahmasamhara

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November 2019



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