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by Daniela Manutius-Forster

ISBN 978 3 038194873

published by AGM Urania



Follow the Keymaster and look behand the closed doors of the mysterious house!

These unique tarot cards by Lorenzo Gaggiotti expertly printed with fabulous gold highlights and packed in an easy to open magnetic popper box are a joy.  They will lead you into the deepest rooms of your soul to hidden desires and your unconscious knowledge.

The Keymaster Tarot connects the classic Tarot de Marseille with the well-known tarot of A.E. Waite.  The sensational illustrations of the Major Arcana are full of aesthetics, power and modernity, the cards of the Minor Arcana show the symbols of the classic playing cards.

78 tarot cards with gold foil and 96-page coloured instruction booklet by Lilo Schwarz.

Produced in Europe.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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AGM Urania

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May 2022

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