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by Lisa K

ISBN 978-1-8440-9719-7

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published by Findhorn Press

Have you ever wanted your intuition to work ‘on demand’? Do you find you receive messages from your intuition but you don’t know what they mean? Do you find it hard to trust your intuition or, whether your intuition is working at all?  Lisa K.’s book, Intuition On Demand, may just give you the answers you seek.

By directing your intuition, you will find it easy to get answers to questions such as: Should I move? Where should I go on holiday? Who should I pick to be my friend, spouse, doctor or lawyer? How do I fix the difficulties in my relationship? What can I do to improve my health? Why am I stuck in my career?

Having read the book you’ll be able to make your intuition happen when, where and how you want it to. You’ll have an education and understanding of intuition so you can get instant intuitive guidance for all your important life decisions and know what action to take that will give you a better outcome. You’ll always be assured of the best course of action to take to feel safe, comforted and calm.

Lisa K. PhD developed her methods and techniques to help her become a sold-out intuitive reader. Developed from years of research, training and experience, Intuition On Demand provides a step-by-step technique to help readers develop intuition from scratch – discover the intuition development map, Lisa’s signature “Intuition On Demand” technique, ways to reprogram your thinking, intuition worksheets, practical exercises and much more.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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