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by John Matthews, artist Charles Newington

ISBN 978 1 786785541

published by Watkins Publishing

SRP: £22.99


Enter a magical world – the world of Christina Rossetti’s 1862 poem “Goblin Market”.  Inhabited by faeries and goblin’s, it’s an enchanted landscape of ruined towers and tangled woods, of fallen trees and bones threaded with roses and vines.  This beautiful deck, by world-famous tarot creator John Matthews and renowned artist Charles Newington, is a tarot of wit and wickedness, of wonder and truth, uncompromising in its portrayal of Faery as it really is.  Prepare to be enspelled … and to discover the answers to all your questions and dilemmas.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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Watkins Publishing

Date added to website

May 2022

Author or illustrator

John Matthews, Charles Newington

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