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by Heather Roan Robbins

ISBN 978-1-78249-373-0

RRP: £12.99

published by Cico Books

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Hand to hand …understanding character through palmistry.

  • You’re interviewing a new employer, their resume is lovely, but so were those of the last five applicants – how do you know whose personality will fit the job?
  • You meet a guy at a bus stop who seems unusually warm and effusive; is it you that lights up his eyes, or is he just naturally outgoing and sociable?
  • You meet your future mother-in-law for the first time, and she seems inscrutable, distant; how do you figure out if she doesn’t like you, or if she is just naturally aloof?

They all have a hand. You shake it when you say hello and watch their hand while they talk. You may not see the details of their lines as they talk, but you do see the shape, texture and proportions of their hand and can tell so much from that. You need no math nor tables, no tools nor internet connection; all you need is human connection.

Understand the shape and form of a person’s hand and you can understand their disposition. Whether they use their hands for crafting or typing, growing or healing, their hands tell their life story. Understanding the hand’s topography will help you accept and deal with yourself, clients, family, and co-workers alike.

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