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by Lucya Starza

ISBN 9-781-7853-5567-7

RRP: £8.99

published by Moon Books (John Hunt)


Every Day Magic – A Pagan Book of Days contains 366 spells, rituals, meditations, Pagan prayers, divinatory techniques, poems to read and recipes and craft projects to try out, along with the details of festivals that take place throughout the year.

All the activities are intended to be easy to follow so you can just pick up the book, open it to a day and find something you can do.

here are festivals from the ancient world and modern Pagan celebrations as well.

Edited by Lucya Starza, Every Day Magic has contributions from over forty Pagan authors and practitioners including Ellen Evert Hopman, Rachel Patterson, Caroline Wise, Melusine Draco and Elen Sentier.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

Additional information


John Hunt, Moon Books

Author or illustrator

Lucya Starza

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