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by Candice Covington

ISBN 978-1-6205-5305-3

RRP: £12.99

published by Healing Arts Press (a Simon and Schuster imprint)


The tattvas, the Five Great Elements–earth,water, fire, air/wind, and ether/space–create and sustain not only the universe but also all of its inhabitants. Each of us has a unique combination of these elemental energies behind our personal characteristics–everything from the colour of our eyes to our behaviours and emotional temperament. What tattvas are dominant in your makeup can also be influenced by your surroundings and by karma. Essential oils, in addition to working biologically and chemically, also work at the energetic level, making them ideal for working with the tattvas.

Teaching you how to use essential oils to affect the very fabric of your behind, Candice Covington details how the tattvas method of essential oils allows you to access the deepest, most hidden aspects of self, those beyond the reach of the mind, the very energetic causation patterns that set all behaviours and thoughts into motion. She reveals how the tattvas are the energy that animate each chakra and how we can use their archetypal energy to shape our inner life and align with our greater soul purpose. The author provides energetic profiles of each tattva, chakra, and essential oil; explains their relationships to one another; and details how to identify what tattva or chakra is dominant at any given time. Exploring the energetic signatures of the tattvic essential oils, she details their elemental makeup, animal and deity archetypes, sacred geometry symbols, sacred syllables, and colours. She reveals how to discover the energy patterns responsible for directing unhealthy life patterns and explains how to identify your personal vibrational signature, purify your energy body, and craft your own unique ritual practice with essential oils.

Showing how essential oils are powerful vibrational tools for effecting change, the author reveals how they allow each of us to deliberately steer our own destiny, fulfill our personal dharma, and be all that our souls intended us to be.

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Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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Candice Covington


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