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by Andrew Smart

ISBN 978-1-4521-7328-3

Published by Chronicle


by Andrew Smart

ISBN 978-1-4521-7328-3

RRP: £12.99

Published by Chronicle

Includes: box with sliding tray, 78 cards, 16-page booklet

This luminous deck brings the mystical world of crystals into everyday life. Each card features a photo of a beautiful crystal as well as an illuminating description of the stone’s powers on the back. Users can select a crystal based on their needs or pull a card at random to see what the universe has in store. Curated by the makers of Stone, an app for crystal healing, and brimming with positive energy, this deck is a practical and beautiful accessory for modern mystics and spirituality seekers.

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Author or illustrator

Andrew Smart


Chronicle Books

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October 2018

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