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Carton pack 12

BarcodeĀ 8-03004-12100-5


Game designed by Maureen Hiron


Collide-O! is a fast-slapping, colour-colliding frenzy of fun! Players race to rid their stockpiles of cards by slapping down matching colours as fast as they can – but in Collide-O!, you not only have to match one colour, but two – and in the right order! The whole family will go bats for this game with a kaleidoscope of high-flying colours!

* fast paced and fun card slapping action
* a great party and family game
* everyone plays at the same time for exciting play

Ages 8 to adult, for 2 – 5 players, playing time 20 minutes.

90 Playing Cards. Instructions in English, Spanish, French and German.

REVIEW by Ben Rainbird, Actor:

Collide-O is a very rapid card game for 2 – 5 players consisting of a pack of 90 three-section coloured cards. Play begins as follows: the cards are well shuffled and then one card is laid face down in the middle of the table; the rest of the cards being divided between the players equally. The first card laid in the middle of the table is then turned to reveal its colours. Each Collide-O card is divided into three colour sections. Two of the sections have blocks of colour, the third section is striped. If a card has stripes including all colours it can be used as a “wild card” and used to match any colour card section.

Play is brisk and the aim of the game is to play all one’s cards as swiftly as possible. Needing to match the end 2 colours, in the correct colour order, makes the game more complex than Snap and distinct from Dominoes but similar to both in concept.

A large playing surface is preferable, as the cards must be laid quickly and be seen easily by all players. In Collide-O the players’ swift response to the card previously laid is vital to maintain the exciting fast pace.

Once familiar with the cards, children and adults will become adept at recognising matching patterns and colours quickly, accurately and in sequence. A good game for those over the age of eight, according to the instructions, but I think younger children wouldn’t have much difficulty understanding and playing the game. People who are living with colour blindness would obviously find play impossible. A game will take about 20 minutes to play. Easy to store in a compact box, fun for the holidays.

In all, a tight, attractively presented package, with easy-to-grasp rules. Fast paced gameplay and bold colourful cards. I can recommend it to parents and teachers as a fun way to teach colour recognition skills and as an entertaining family game.

Distributed exclusively in the United Kingdom and Ireland by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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