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Used by the UK’s Davis Dyslexia Facilitators Association

Comments from Spilavinir Games Company in Iceland: “We find this an ideal game for players with dyslexia. Earlier this year we hosted two events with 120 teachers present who all enjoyed playing Blink.”

Mrs Marshall from Pantiles Papertole, Tunbridge Wells says, “Blink is great, fun to play, and sells very well to young children.”

Blink Improves
1. Counting
2. Colour Recognition
3. Thinking Abilities

For age 7+ – 2 or more players – Game time up to 2 minutes.

More exciting when two packs are added so more people can play – hilarious.

The world’s fastest game by Reinhard Staupe! Blink is the lightning fast game where two players race to be the first to play all cards. Using sharp eyes and fast hands, players quickly try to match the shape, number of shapes or colour on the cards. The first player out wins!

First delivery sold out within 3 days!

The Multi-Award Winning Blink is the lightening fast game where two or more players race to be the first to play all their cards. Using sharp eyes and fast hands, players quickly try to match the shape, number of shapes or colour on the cards. The first player out wins!

Combine two sets together and watch as the competitiveness unfolds…

A set of crisply printed and colourful Blink ® cards includes 60 playing cards, presented in a tin case embossed with the Blink ® logo. Fitting perfectly in your pocket, they can be taken anywhere, ideal for travelling and holidays!

‘Blink’ Review by Ben Rainbird, The Actor

Blink is possibly the most accurately titled game I’ve ever played. It’s fast, very fast. Faster than the speed of light – almost! So fast that if you, ahem, blink, you’ll miss it…

Billed as a two-player game, although I see no obstacle to more people playing it, the basic objective of Blink is to lose all your cards as quickly as possible. At the beginning of the game, each player is dealt an equally sized draw pile, then the top card from each is placed face down between the players. Each player then takes the top three cards from his or her pile, and the game begins as the face-down cards on the table are flipped over.

The players, without taking turns, then race to play cards from their hands as quickly as possible, instantly replacing cards they play with cards from the draw pile, so that they always have three cards in their hand. Here’s the important part: all the cards have different symbols on them – stars, moons, thunderbolts, clouds and so forth, all in varying numbers and colours. A card can only be played if the shape, colour or number of objects on the card matches the one you’re going to slap it down on, and as everyone will be constantly playing cards onto the middle of the table, you’ll have to be very fast if you want to avoid falling behind. The players continue like this until someone runs out of cards and wins.

A good one to play with children, not least because they don’t have to take turns. I think adults will like it too (I certainly do), it’s an extremely quick game to play, lasting as little as 1 minute per round if the players are fast enough. Things can get quite competitive, sometimes with players slapping down cards at the same time, which makes me thankful the cards don’t have sharp corners, otherwise a roll of bandages would become necessary in more heated games. This game is definitely slanted more towards the fun side of the ‘Family Fun’ spectrum, although no doubt it would aid younger children in shape recognition, not to mention developing their reflexes.

As for presentation, the cards are crisply printed and colourful, and it comes in nicely solid-feeling tin case embossed with the Blink logo, which will fit nicely in a pocket. Ideal for travel and holidays.

Suitable for people with dyslexia.

All in all, a great fast-play card game that you can take anywhere, anytime, Blink gets a thumbs up from me.

Average 5* Rating

Blink: 30th December, 2010

“Fun and challenging. It is harder for younger players, but as they play they do become better. Really great for 10year olds an upwards.”

Great Fast Game: 29th December, 2010
Love this game, it is so much fun and a lot harder than speed. You have to keep track of so many things. I love to play with two decks it makes the game last that much longer and you can play with three of four people.

Fast and Fun: 28th December, 2010
Love this game! It’s fast to learn and fast to play..each hand might last a minute or less. Its requirement to match either colour, shape or number also really challenges your brain to recognise the different criteria and respond quickly. It is a great game to play with family, as age makes no difference – in fact, sometimes young brains are more agile and your kids may beat you!( Maybe it will help us old folks avoid Alzheimer’s!) All in all, a great game

Fun & Fast: 27th December 2010
Love it! It’s a game that you play quickly and any age can play. Obviously an older person will probably have quicker reflexes but I noticed that my daughter (almost 7years old) gets faster & faster everytime we play. Ruckus is another game that is fast & fun.

Fun very FAST game for the whole family! 19th December, 2010
I play this game with my 10 and 12 year old sons. It’s a very fast games so we can always find time for several rounds. You have to think fast though! My 10 year old usually beats us all. I prefer to play with at least three players so the third person can referee the game to make sure all the plays “match”.

Games Gazette 2011:
“It is fast and fun for keeping the brain active.”

Distributed exclusively in the British Isles by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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