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edited by Holly Gayley and Joshua Schapiro

ISBN 978-1-6142-9200-5

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published by Wisdom Publications

Explore the nuances and depth of Buddhist practice with advice from celebrated ecumenical masters of Tibet in A Gathering of Brilliant Moons, edited by Holly Gayley and Joshua Schapiro.

For generations, Buddhist masters in Tibet have composed shaldam, poignant instructions tailored to the needs of their disciples in the form of short works of advice. Rare gems of wisdom, these works cover topics ranging from practicing while ill to meditating in solitary retreat to recognising the nature of mind. This collection focuses on an influential and inspiring generation of Buddhist teachers during the nineteenth century in eastern Tibet who espoused an ecumenical, or rime, approach. A Gathering of Brilliant Moos provides lively translations of nineteen pithy and profound works by these great masters. In introductory essays, the translators explore the aesthetic qualities of these works, highlight their ecumenical features, and comment on the journey of translation.

A plethora of advice and wisdom on many topics. This is a wonderful book featuring instructions, explanations and translations, verse, footnotes, and suggested further reading. Works are brief, making this book easy to pick up and put down for morning or evening readings, or just when somebody needs advice from a Buddhist mater.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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Holly Gayley, Joshua Schapiro