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Barcode 501-2784-000614


Injection moulded, round-cornered and top quality.

Instruction rules included.

The game can be played by two or more players. See rules for Liar’s Dice game below.

Liar’s Dice Preparation: Each player should have a cup and five dice

Object of the game: To be the last player left with a die or more

1. All players shake their dice in the cup and roll at the same time. Each player then places their cup over the dice.
2. Each player is permitted to look at their own dice combination under their cup.
3. The first player announces a number combination which he believes will be in each player’s throw. For example, “Two two’s” would indicate that under all the players’ cups, there will be at least two dice showing number two.
4. The next player has two options. If he believes that the last combination is accurate, he must up the bid by either quantity or dice or number shown on the dice. So in the previous example, he can bid “Three two’s”, “Two four’s”, “Four two’s”, “Two five’s” etc.
5. If the next player does not believe the previous player’s bid, he can challenge the previous bidder by shouting “Liar!”. All players then reveal their dice. If the bidder is correct, the challenger loses a dice. However, if the challenger is correct, the bidder loses a dice.
6. After a challenge, the dice are all re-rolled and the bidding starts afresh.
7. This ever-increasing bidding and challenging continues, until all players with no dice are out of the game and just one player remains.

Made in Great Britain and distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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