New website

Welcome to the new David Westnedge Ltd website

As some of you may already be aware, we have recently had some problems with our old website.

We have been working on this new website for some time and it is very nearly complete, but we do know there are just a few loose ends to tidy up.

Rather than keep you waiting while we add the finishing touches, we have decided not to spend time trying to patch up the old site but instead to switch over straight away to this new site a bit sooner than expected.


Please bear with us if you find products which don’t yet have full descriptions or other things which are not yet quite complete – we are working on it!


And please let us know what you think about this new site.
What do you think is better than on the old one?
Are there any features or aspects which you liked on the old site which we have not yet added to the new one?


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If you are an existing David Westnedge Ltd customer and would like us to set up an account on this new site for you,
contact us.